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Organic Business Marketing Strategies for High Conversions 📈

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Clubhouse room conversations in the "Pinterest & SEO Marketing" room with Favour Obasi-ike and Geraldine Convento, the founder of Reverence Global as a brand strategist with over 14 years of experience.

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Social Media Organic Strategies that Converts High Traffic Value for your Business 📈

Here are the key takeaway notes:

What is a brand?

  • Over the years a brand used to be just a logo, but now, the term "brand" has expanded to the voice of the business with the way the business represents themselves through multimedia to create consistent communication techniques.

  • Expanding the voice of the business to build relationships that the end user can connect to.

How do you manage your brand, with experience from Reverence Global?

A lot of multi prolonged approach we take. Create an outreach on social media, journalists, and build an online presence that is up-to-date.

Important to be everywhere, also known as omnichannel marketing.

How to do the research:

  • Focus on the consumer habits

  • Engagements

  • and tactics of your end consumer.

What is the number one key element when nurturing a brand?

  • Being conversational and authentic

  • Elevator pitch isn’t always dependable; learn the full workflow

  • Understanding the end-game for both parties

What has your experience been with social media organic strategies when converting your loyal audience?

  • Overall message and website copy

  • Umbrella topic with subtopics that follow

  • SEO, Website, and Marketing Strategy

  • How do you spread it over time by not being random

  • Social proof: testimonials, reviews

  • Engage with trends

social media strategies for high conversions
Social media organic strategies that converts value

Connect with Geraldine on Clubhouse / Website:

How important is visual appeal in branding?


When you have multiple fonts and colors, subconsciously it will be confusing. Start with a primary and secondary color.

Use to get your color scheme checked.

What does SEO have to do with branding?

How the internet works: Links > title > content: Websites vs webpages: Priority with content

Using Pinterest for Business, what do you think the new and established brands have in common that is possible?

  • Access to the same content

  • Create boards on a specific thing

  • Curate a board more than established brands

What's more impactful in branding; content or delivery?

  • Content is important because of relevance

  • Delivery falls short > lack of time because of managing business and hiring professionals > minimal time to grow the brand’

Delivery is more important.

What's your number one advice for an aspiring brand creator?

  • Understand your target audience and what their needs are

  • Content value for the future

  • Ads will benefit when you have organic content

  • Build the online presence online

  • Click on profile and look at google reviews

  • Are your audiences targeted

  • Lead magnet / downloadable pdf

  • Email marketing

Types of engaging content you can share with your audience

  • Survey

  • Downloadable audios

  • 4 follow up emails: 1st three to build relationship (with subtle links to buy)

Should brands limit themselves to one platform?

  • No! Your online presence is a holistic experience.

  • Limiting yourself to one platform is bad

  • Use LinkedIn & a website you own.


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