Fun Facts & Strategies Room about Pinterest for Business on Clubhouse App 📌

Updated: Mar 30

Clubhouse app "Pinterest & SEO Marketing" with Favour Obasi-ike and Crystal Waddell, a Socialpreneur with over 1.9 Million Viewers on Pinterest

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Crystal’s Pinterest Top Features:

  1. Upload video or images directly to Pinterest.


  3. Follow Leaders in Your Niche to Build Out Your Presence.

  4. Repurpose Your Best Performing Stuff.

Favour's Pinterest Top Features:

  1. Recommendations (Beta) is a search and analytics developed tool to help you measure your ad campaigns spent over various ad sets.

  2. Join the Pinterest Business Community to engage in the latest conversations.

  3. Audience Insights on Pinterest for Business shows you how to build your interested ready-audience. Overall, Analytics for Pinterest is important to understand your primary audience

  4. Story Pins are the leading pin machines to rock your story in visual story mode.

  5. Search with Pinterest Trends for your favorite boards and key pins.

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