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How to Meetup online and build networks

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

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Meetup is an amazing start to building networks, meeting up with potential partners who know how to nurture genuine working relationships. Here are some quick 3 tips to prepare for a Meetup:

1. Do your research

There is no conversation that starts with a question mark like an unresponsive answer where the message is not clear. In other words, there is no conversation that can last long without a research on the context of the discussion.

Building a reputable brand is key in your messaging and brand positioning when you are discussing on topics. Look at Clubhouse rooms for example, there are always conversations about adding value and becoming an inspiration for the next person listening and when your research is done well, there is a higher chance of likability in the area of building a conversation.

Pro Tip: Use Meetup to find out who's in your industry and city to start building your networks online. Shoutout to Neil Patel who inspired this excerpt. Watch this video to learn more about how you can build your Meetup profile:

2. Start slow, start pitching

Have you pitched a tent before? 🏕 It must be interesting on the amount of information and turnover you would have to put in to create the impression you have envisioned for your personal experience. This is the same experience you feel when you create value in less than 60 seconds, more like an elevator pitch, creating a know, like, trust factor almost immediately on first impression.

Start slow.

Build your inner confidence and know why you are investing your time, energy, resources, and services to the audience that needs it. This may take time to define but consistency is closer to the truth when you are looking for guided answers.

Start pitching.

When you understand and apply the 5W's and 1H factor, then you are in business. Stating your intentions with value as an offer builds a conversion value that is undeniable because you are all-rounded in the knowledge of your passion. This means that you are focused on the end-goal and becoming an asset to solve a need leading to further conversations that would build the bridge and close the gap.

3. Practice makes perfect

In business, teams and building networks on, for example, are vital assets for sustaining workable and likable relationships and this results to confidence.

From practicing to pitch your research notes in front of a mirror to pitching your business plan to a board of investors sounds far-fetched but in reality is possible when your research is done well, fundamentally, then your pitch gets stronger with a long-standing approach eventually becoming a sustainable resource for test experiments and business growth.


I hope you have grasped the core fundamental and quick tips to Meetup with like-minded professionals and network with people that help you grow. Share this post with your industry as we build more propelling communities for an enriched future.


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