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Trends in eCommerce in 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Every year, different items are trending in the market. If you are a business that likes to swap out old products for new and trending, then this is the article for you.

Find out what products and services are trending in eCommerce in 2022.

#1: Self-Designed Logos

Gone are the days when you had to get a designer to create a logo for you. Logo makers are trending this year. If you have a business with an old and outdated logo, why not check out their free logo maker.

It comes with a variety of templates that suit any business, from professional eco warriors to soap makers, make a logo for any business or service.

#2: Content Marketing: Vlogs

If you have the time or the budget to employ someone to produce a vlog for your business, then do it this year. Vlogs are set to become the most highly valued content method in 2021. They connect people from around the world and open up your business to transparency, trust and friendship. So that you can build a following for your business and a friendship with those followers.

#3: Selling Men’s Beauty

Men’s beauty is trending again this year. It could be the number of people who have switched to online shopping. When usually, they would buy the same hair gel in the supermarket aisle they visit every Monday. People are broadening their horizons. Men are often more tamed and trimmed these days, with hints of clean-shaven chins and mustaches and sideburns coming in the future.

#4: Selling Books

With such a tumultuous time behind us, and an uncertain future ahead. Informative books are set to be all the rage this year. Not to mention that many people working from home now have more time to sit down and read.

Not only that but people have a lot more time to write. Amazon has a self-publishing service that is relatively easy to use. You could even try writing, publishing, and selling your own book and see how you do.

#5: Selling Natural Pet Food

As with the shift from meat to vegetables in humans, the pet food market is trending healthy too. More people are looking to buy healthy food for their pets, that is sustainable, ethical and they can clearly see the source. Start selling a little and see how you go. Remember that if you make it yourself, there are certain standards you have to comply with.


#6: Selling Help

Selling organizational help or offering out skills is definitely on the rise. It is not just shops that are doing well on the internet right now. People are finding out that their local plumbers are not about anymore, or their go-to accountants are shielding or offering less service due to limitations. Online tutoring is huge since students can’t go to school, and their parents are struggling to keep up with homeschooling and working at the same time.

By offering online services, you can get ahead and offer more than people who don’t yet have an online presence. If you don’t want to change your whole business plan to suit this, you can always make a page on a freelance site such as UpWork and run this while continuing your company.

Editor's Note:

Clubhouse is another trend that should be involved in your business and vocal strategy when creating value for your audience in real-time basis. This is a word of mouth app that shows how importance your voice is validated by your brand.

Read more on the Clubhouse app here .


Changing up an entire business model to follow the trends can be a risky business. Make sure you research for yourself what might be working and be aware of your own output levels. Hire help when you need it and if you have skills you can offer other people, then do so.


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