How to Play Music on Clubhouse: What is Clubhouse for the Entertainment Industry User Experience?

Updated: Jul 21

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse App, now available in the Apple store and now Google Play Store (yay! Android), is described as a “drop-in audio chat” where conversations moderate the room. Clubhouse app just opened to the public with a new logo & website.

By the end of this article, you will:

  • Learn how to use the app with the right voice (read this article here for more information and come back to this article for the sequel)

  • Learn how to run live-streaming and podcasting shows

  • Learn about Clubhouse app on-boarding for new users

  • Learn about the end-to-end user experience

  • Learn how the app works: New text feature

  • Learn how to play music on Clubhouse

Quick Tip: Follow Clubhouse HQ to learn more about the latest updates on Clubhouse app from the founders!

Live-streaming and podcasting

Sound quality is an important factor for communication, even to play music on the app, as an audio-only platform heavily based on content by creators, also known as moderators. Understanding the music industry, it is well known that good sound output results to a great time as an in-app experience, which is an ongoing form of communication within rooms and in a matter of time, you get to connect with the real people in the room.