Learn How to Play and DJ Music on Clubhouse App without an iRig

Updated: Mar 31

In this article, you will learn how to play music on Clubhouse from your phone with ease.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse App, now available in the Apple store and Google Play Store, is described as a “drop-in audio chat” where conversations moderate the room. Clubhouse app has a logo & website.

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By the end of this article, you will:

  • Learn how to use the app with the right voice (read this article here for more information and come back to this article for the sequel)

  • Learn how to run live-streaming and podcasting shows

  • Learn about Clubhouse app on-boarding for new users

  • Learn about the end-to-end user experience

  • Learn how the app works: New text feature

  • Learn how to play music on Clubhouse

  • Learn how to use music mode on Clubhouse

Quick Tip: Follow Clubhouse HQ to learn more about the latest updates on Clubhouse app from the founders!

Live-streaming and podcasting

Sound quality is an important factor for communication, even to play music on the app, as an audio-only platform heavily based on content by creators, also known as moderators. Understanding the music industry, it is well known that good sound output results to a great time as an in-app experience, which is an ongoing form of communication within rooms and in a matter of time, you get to connect with the real people in the room.

Every room is topic-driven so it's easy to gather like-minded people around similar passions, hobbies or interests. Artists can find virtual communities and connect with other artists within different clubs, including yours.

Knowing that content rules the day on the app, the Founder(s) Paul & Rohan starting from Silicon Valley, have mastered the concept of building communities by having weekly town-hall meetings every Sunday in the Clubhouse HQ club.

On the app, you can join virtual clubs around specific topics that host their own rooms and events for their members. They've already introduced a feature called “Music Mode,” which offers your room improved better sound when it detects your phone is connected to an iRig (video below). In the most recent update on 3/5/21, you can change audio quality if you're on stage as a speaker. This only affects how others hear you and not how you hear yourself.

Pro Tip: Tap “…” to switch your audio quality settings. Set it to ‘high' if you're performing or set it ‘low' if you have bad internet connection.

Imagine being able to perform as a band or host jam sessions, remotely, while fans can tune in like a live radio station. From experiences, there are people who have participated in jam sessions, LIVE! DJ spins, auto-tune mixes, and more with musicians in different parts of the world which works!

I've been on the app since November 2020 and I have learned a lot about various LIVE! streaming apps other than Zoom & StreamYard (which are still top favorites). I have also learned about Riverside.fm and Ecamm Live which are also great streaming platforms to extend your social media accounts and cross-pollinate as you build real-time connections.

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What is Clubhouse? Here's what you need to know

Understand that the app is an audio-based social network where conversations and collaborations happen consistently which has built a community over time.

Clubhouse On-boarding for new users

Learn more about the Clubhouse New User Tips from D4Music Marketing.

How to Create a Seamless Flow: The best practice to focus on when listening or speaking in a room is to always contribute and serve your community while you sustain authority in your expertise. You will always need to PTR real quick, which also means Pull-To-Refresh to bring the room back to order, both on the app and in conversations.

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Join the Pinterest & SEO Marketing Club on Clubhouse to join the weekly discussions. You can also feel free to follow Heather Farris, who is the club co-founder of Profitable Pinterest on Clubhouse; an amazing wealth of knowledge!

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