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Clubhouse Text Chat Feature: Backchannel on Clubhouse App

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

There's a new backchannel in the hallway, and in the rooms, on the Clubhouse app. The backchannel texting feature is built with hyperlinks, direct & group messaging capabilities.

What is the Clubhouse backchannel?

Clubhouse is a community app with drop-in audio conversations that moderate rooms with real-time storytelling. Clubhouse, available on Apple iOS and Android Google Play devices, now have the leaked direct message backchannel text to chat privately while in the room and out with LIVE! and direct feedback.

Read the official Clubhouse blog to learn how to use the backchannel feature.

Benefits of using the Clubhouse app backchannel text feature:

  • Build genuine relationships with real people in real-time.

  • Stand a chance to connect with TED speakers with intent.

Here's how to chat with your Clubhouse follower in the backchannel.

  1. Open the Clubhouse "drop-in" audio app.

  2. Use the paper airplane to start a conversation located on the bottom right.

  3. Use the green grid to discover active rooms and profiles on the bottom left.

  4. You can start a group chat with up to 15 people. Use this sparingly.

  5. You can use hyperlinks to invite group chats to external & internal links.

Quick Tip: Follow Clubhouse HQ to learn more about the latest updates on Clubhouse from the founders!

Why Clubhouse is the place to chat or text

Sound quality is an important factor for communication, even to play music on the app, as an audio-only platform heavily based on content by creators, also known as moderators. You can start private rooms, social rooms, club rooms, topic rooms, power rooms, and so many more, to start genuine conversations.

Every room is topic-driven so it's easy to gather like-minded people around similar passions, hobbies or interests, using interest emojis (don't forget that).

The official Work & PLAY Entertainment podcast show, We Don't PLAY, has all the answers to your questions about how to use Direcon, Clubhub & backchannels.

Bonus: Read our company reviews and see what more people are saying about us.

Why is Clubhouse so popular?

Clubhouse app is an audio-based social network where conversations and collaborations happen consistently with clubs and connections, constantly.

Clubhouse has become popular now because of the unique in-app real-time experience where you can drop-in to audio conversations when open.

Clubhouse On-boarding for new users

Here's what makes Clubhouse unique for social audio experiences.

How to Create a Seamless Flow: The best practice to focus on when listening or speaking in a room is to always contribute and serve your community while you sustain authority in your expertise. You will always need to PTR real quick, which also means Pull-To-Refresh to bring the room back to order, both on the app and in conversations.

Twitter: "After we unintentionally leaked their feature 5 times, here's our beloved engineering team introducing the new Clubhouse Backchannel" - Clubhouse

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Using the backchannel with intent to connect and build relationships can take you far when you start planning your recurring rooms and group discussions.

The culture that has grown on the app not only finds pleasure in the community but in the relationships built over time. From to playing music on Clubhouse to running moderated keyword focused rooms, the best in-app experience is made when you are intentional about the connections and collaborations you start.

So, start your Clubhouse room today and send a backchannel text message! :)

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See you in the Clubhouse streets! 👋 Scan the QR code to listen on Apple Podcast.

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