Massage Therapy & Breathing Practices with Brittany Herzberg

Britany Herzberg, LMBT (and some call her B), "but she will respond to pretty much anything nice", is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Business Coach for other Massage Therapists (MTs).

She has a thriving practice where she dishes out self-care tips, generally reduce stress and tension built up in virtual training showing other massage therapists how they can do the same on weekly basis.

"In short - I help you help yourself!" - Brittany Herzberg

Here's what you will learn by the end of this podcast:

  • Learn how to maximize your massage therapy sessions

  • Breathing practices with quick steps

  • Massage Therapy practices

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Podcast Episodes Overview

Brittany Herzberg & Favour Obasi-ike (Flaev Beatz) connected on Clubhouse with an upcoming room today at 9am ET. Join the conversation here.

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