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Massage Therapy & Breathing Practices with Brittany Herzberg

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Britany Herzberg, LMBT (and some call her B), "but she will respond to pretty much anything nice", is a Licensed Massage Therapist & Business Coach for other Massage Therapists (MTs).

She has a thriving practice where she dishes out self-care tips, generally reduce stress and tension built up in virtual training showing other massage therapists how they can do the same on weekly basis.

"In short - I help you help yourself!" - Brittany Herzberg

Here's what you will learn by the end of this podcast:

  • Learn how to maximize your massage therapy sessions

  • Breathing practices with quick steps

  • Massage Therapy practices

Podcast Episodes Overview

Brittany Herzberg & Favour Obasi-ike (Flaev Beatz) connected on Clubhouse with an upcoming room today at 9am ET. Join the conversation here.

Grab your Massage Therapist or client service with Brittany Herzberg today.


Start your day with a good stretch and ease the tension no matter which side of the massage table you’re on.


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