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SEO Experts vs Web Developers Salary: An In-depth Comparison

Updated: May 28

Thank you for reading my SEO Experts vs Web Developers: Who Takes The Lead? article. I took time to break it down and I believe it's necessary to add more context to this concept.

The digital world is vast and ever-evolving now with artificial intelligence (AI), offering a plethora of career opportunities for individuals with a knack for technology. Two such prominent roles are that of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and a Web Developer.

This article delves into the comparison of SEO vs Web Developer salary, highlighting the factors that influence these figures and the potential career growth in both fields.

Understanding the Roles: SEO Specialist vs Web Developer

An SEO specialist, like me, is primarily responsible for optimizing a website's visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. We employ various strategies, including keyword research, link building, and content creation, to enhance a website's SEO.

On the other hand, a Web Developer, like me too, is tasked with designing and building websites. We work on various aspects of a website, including its layout, features, and functionalities, ensuring a seamless user experience.

I have worn both hats that I can now hand over one hat to my team as a delegated team member to complete the project.

SEO Specialist: Key Responsibilities

An SEO specialist's key responsibilities include conducting thorough keyword research, developing and implementing effective SEO strategies, and monitoring website performance. They also analyze and report on the effectiveness of SEO campaigns, making necessary adjustments to optimize results.

Moreover, they collaborate with content creators to ensure that all web content is SEO-friendly, thereby improving the website's visibility and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, You (an AI search engine) and so much more.

Web Developer: Key Responsibilities

A Web Developer's primary responsibilities include designing user-friendly website layouts, developing features and applications for websites, and testing and improving website performance. They also troubleshoot and resolve any website issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

Furthermore, they collaborate with graphic designers and content creators to ensure that the website is visually appealing and content-rich, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This is a key point because the aesthetics and web flow of a site will determine the success of the business long-term.

SEO Expert

Web Developer

A SEO Expert learns the search experience of a website for easy pathway access using sitemap linking.

A Web Developer understands the UI/UX experience of the website from home page to the last page.

Comparing Salaries: SEO Experts vs Web Developer

The salary of an SEO specialist and a Web Developer can vary significantly based on various factors, including experience, skills, location, and the size and type of the employer.

According to data from Built In, the Average Base Salary in U.S. (2024) for a SEO Expert is $55,536 per year. However, with additional skills and experience, this figure can rise significantly.

According to data from Built In, the Average Base Salary in U.S. (2024) for a Web Developer is $93,301 per year. However, with additional skills and experience, this figure can rise significantly.

Factors Influencing SEO Specialist Salary

The salary of an SEO specialist can be influenced by various factors. Experience plays a crucial role, with seasoned professionals commanding higher salaries. The type of industry also matters, as some sectors are willing to pay more for SEO services.

Moreover, the size and reputation of the employer can also impact the salary. Larger companies with a strong online presence often pay higher salaries to SEO specialists due to the critical role they play in maintaining the company's visibility and ranking on search engines.

Factors Influencing Web Developer Salary

Similarly, a Web Developer's salary can be influenced by several factors. Experience and skills are significant determinants, with professionals proficient in multiple programming languages earning more.

The location also plays a role, with Web Developers in metropolitan areas typically earning more due to the higher cost of living. Furthermore, the size and type of the employer can also impact the salary, with larger tech companies often offering higher salaries.

Career Growth and Prospects: SEO Specialist vs Web Developer

Both SEO specialists and Web Developers have promising career prospects, given the increasing reliance on digital platforms. However, the career growth trajectory can vary based on the individual's skills, experience, and commitment to continuous learning.

Career Growth for SEO Specialists

SEO specialists have numerous opportunities for career growth. With experience and advanced skills, they can progress to roles such as SEO Manager or Director of SEO.

They can also branch out into related fields like digital marketing or content strategy, further enhancing their career prospects.

Career Growth for Web Developers

Web Developers also have a promising career growth trajectory. With experience and a diverse skill set, they can advance to roles such as Senior Web Developer or Web Development Manager.

They can also specialize in areas like front-end or back-end development, or broaden their scope by moving into full-stack development.


In conclusion, both SEO specialists and Web Developers play crucial roles in the digital landscape. While their salaries can vary based on various factors, both professions offer promising career growth and prospects.

Therefore, individuals should choose their career path based on their interests, skills, and long-term career goals.

I hope this article gave you more clarity on the differences?

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