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Olamide Komolafe Talks #EndSars 🇳🇬 in Nigeria, Her Social Media Backstory, and so much more

Olamide, a great woman based in Lagos, Nigeria, describes herself as a "small girl who has been helped by God". She is known as a Canva Tutor who grooms prospective social media managers with digital marketing tips and tricks (see below). We spoke about content marketing, social media, #EndSars and entrepreneurship.

In the midst of all the #EndSars 🇳🇬 peaceful protests going on in Nigeria, @themediaanswer speaks up on what is currently happening in Nigeria with deep insight on the recurring events that have been taking place over 60 years since the Nigerian Independence.

Shedding more light on her backstory, Olamide shares great tips and advice for the youth with a message of hope for a brighter future. Using social media to shed a light on the situation going on right now, she explains her road to success touching areas that positively affected the status quo of her journey through experienced learning and opportunities.

Connecting with Olamide for the first time via Amadeus Instagram LIVE!, I reached out to @themediaanswer and opted in to request for a potential podcast talk on the "We Don't PLAY" Podcast feed. Not knowing how the conversation will go, we were able to pick a date in advance and schedule the episode.

In the middle of the episode, we dove deep into discussion on the pressing matters that affect the youth today, how social media and etiquette affect the daily lifestyle patterns of a person's posting ability. Most people don't tend to post on social media because they don't usually see the value of content and digital marketing. @themediaanswer and @flaevbeatz expressed their opinions on the social norms with an agreed solution in mind.

PRO TIP: Olamide speaks to the Nigerian youth especially during these #endsars times with words of hope and conviction.

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