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"We Don't PLAY" just passed 1000 downloads on Podcasts

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This is an exciting time for the PLAY Radio Station, knowing that there is a lot of information going around the airwaves - which means, we're doing something right! Right?

Right now we're still going through a pandemic and creators have taken the intuitive approach of capitalizing off these harsh times we're in to entertain, empower, and engage with the online community. Almost everyone right now is surfing the web through one means or the other to find information that can make a difference in their lives either positively, or negatively (sadly).

Let's get back to the reason why this article has been written.

Late August 2019, I decided to take on a new adventure that wasn't known to me that it would open doors that will never be shut; audio lifestyle AKA podcasting. I wasn't so excited, honestly, but I was optimistic, as usual. So, I took off and started recording episodes and saw a few plays which were encouraging 😩 but I still kept going.

Fast-forward to last night, I look at my phone and see that the stats on the We Don't PLAY podcasts hit 1000 downloads!!! (THANK YOU JESUS!!!) The craziest part about this story is that I thought we would reach 1000 downloads closer to August but noooo, it happened right at the same time we got some new production gear and some great news too! When they say TGIF, it's real! Thank God it's Friday!!!

I would finally like to thank you all for tuning in to our podcast stations to gain information, nuggets, ideas, or just scroll; we appreciate you! There is so much more coming your way this next half of the year, so stay tuned and stay subscribed.

Going forward, We Don't PLAY Radio Station will podcast through to YouTube in bits to give you visual ideas on what's going on behind the microphone 🎙 📻 |

Subscribe & Tune in to our Podcast Station for today's thank you bonus episode:

P.S: Before I go, I have two more things to say:

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