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How to Use Pinterest for Business: 3 Marketing Strategies to Know

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

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Starting a new project can be daunting and this requires consultation from experts, research, or experience with key takeaway being to build a better place for the beginning of your audience's buying process and this takes time to nurture, especially when publish your content to attract new potential customers with a unique set of people.

Pinterest calls them Act-a-likes and Facebook calls them Lookalikes, which gives them a good chance to engage with your social accounts to learn more about you and your Pinterest account.

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In this article, we will cover how Pinterest works for your business, how to get started with Pinterest for marketing utilizing the Pinterest business hub, how to start a free Pinterest business account and more! Sit tight and make sure you take action and not just take notes; this is my challenge to you! Here are the topics we will cover:

  • How do I get my business started on Pinterest?

  • Is a Pinterest Business account free?

  • How to start Pinterest for marketing

How do I get my Business started on Pinterest?

This is always the first question I hear or see on Answer the Public or Answer Socrates, where people ask various questions to stand a good chance of getting a key takeaway from their search query. Majority of the people search with Google, YouTube, or Pinterest and these searches are in high volumes.

Now, one thing to get understood is that, ranking on Google search doesn't guarantee you a click just like, not everyone who is looking for answers from an article, podcast, or webpage will get a satisfactory answer because research and comparisons will need to be done with the help to place keywords for your popular social media platform who are a unique set of people. This could be from new potential customers or returning loyal customers and this could be a great way for a small business owner to consider especially when you know it will take you 6-12 months to steadily sustain your business accounts and build an online presence that establishes your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

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Applying search engine optimization is going be the best decision you can ever make for your business because you will have a good chance to rank your webpage (not website) on Google #1 SERP, also known as Search Engine Results Pages. When your business accounts online include a LinkedIn business account, at least, your chances to drive authority and relevance is higher than just having an Facebook or Instagram page only. An Etsy page is also a great shopping site to claim to your Pinterest business account with a Pin or more that redirects to your webpage when people search with keywords.

Keywords are the keys to your business and this starts with building a digital real estate with engaging Pinterest content, for example, and start attracting the right people to your page as you showcase products and services that benefit them. If you want to know if keywords are still going to be relevant in 2022, listen to this Simple Pin Media episode and take a quick deep dive into great statistics.

Is a Pinterest Business account free?

Starting a new business account on Pinterest for marketing is free and starts with a fresh Pinterest Business hub with analytics, trends, Pinterest advertising, and catalogue to get you started with your business accounts. Pinterest users have a completely different layout and design when browsing through the Pinterest app or desktop.

A free Pinterest business account allows you Pin and schedule Pins that can be turned into Pinterest campaigns when you manage the right Pinterest account. Effective Pinterest business owners have a different email from their person Pinterest account, if they have one, because this keeps the account fresh with a captivating Pin that Pinterest users can save, engage, click, and potentially buy.

How to start Pinterest for Marketing

Mastering Pinterest marketing basics are highly essential for business accounts on Pinterest knowing that a different email will be needed to manage the account consistently. The beginning of your Pinterest marketing journey starts with understand the key takeaway which is to schedule Pins in advance, at least quarterly, with engaging Pinterest content from audio, video, infographics to carousels and emails. Monthly Pinterest users have at least 14 minutes to engage with your Pin every chance you have to run through your Ads Manager or organically reach them when you optimize and apply keywords on the webpage you

Here are some facts and more about Pinterest you should know about:

  • Over 440 million monthly active users worldwide.

  • 60% of active users are likely to search and browse on Pinterest than browse catalogs.

  • 93% of active users said they check Pinterest to plan for purchases.

  • 80% of new sign-ups are from outside the US (lots of international growth).

  • 98% of users actually try out the ideas they find on Pinterest, which opens doors.

Pinterest is known to be the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors and high user engagement metrics. Read more about the Pinterest global statistics on Statista's website. Understanding Pinterest for marketing and the difference between personal account and a business account will get you so much further ahead from your competitors because of the 33% referral traffic you get from Pinterest when you apply search engine optimization best practices with keywords and metadata that matches your deep blue ocean Pinterest marketing strategy.

Starting a free Pinterest business account has been the name of the game this year with an increase of 30% in Pinterest business accounts over the past 12 months. Pinterest has changed the game for a lot of marketers who have seen the potential to find new and returning customers.

Source: Pinterest

A simple technique like to "create board button" with your in-text graphics and keyword placements on your Pinterest board and Pin will give your content more stickiness to showcase products and services that are diversified using different media formats to rely the same message. Tailwind Create is also another great source to build boards that drive clicks and traffic for your brand, however, Pinterest prefers if you Pin your Pinterest images and videos using the platform natively.

What's Next?

Learning how to optimize keywords, including navigational, transactional and commercial keywords, is the key takeaway to establishing your new business account with effective Pinterest marketing best practices that your new business account needs to leverage your competition within the first 6 months, at least.

To get started and learn how to apply Pinterest for marketing with advertising best practices for 2022, here is a Pinterest marketing course to dive deeper into on how to start taking action with SMART results for your business. In this 3-hour course, you will learn how Pinterest works, from setting up your profile to posting consistently with realistic goals. This is the best Pinterest SEO Course with Marketing Tools for Business, Bloggers & Entrepreneurs.

Remember to use a different email when you sign up for a Pinterest business account which will make it easier for you to track your conversions and workflow.

I hope this helps you to understand how to start Pinterest for your business and more importantly, solving problems and engaging with the searchers who look for your solutions across the search engines, including Google, Pinterest & YouTube.

Feel free to connect with me and listen to the recent episodes from the We Don't PLAY podcast show with over 200 episodes to binge listen. There are several Pinterest episodes to listen to about Pinterest marketing, Pinterest advertising and more. Let me know in the podcast reviews which episodes stand out the most to you.


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