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John-Patrick previews Behind the Scenes from Musicville Interview on YouTube

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

John-Patrick, a Teacher.Counselor.WorldChanger.. 🌱, launched his latest mixtape, "Adolessons" now available on social media platforms (including Facebook & Instagram) and digital streaming platforms.

Music rapper and teacher, John-Patrick, loves motivating the youth with values on self-love, hope, and determination. Watch the Behind the Scenes footage with John-Patrick, now available on @YouTube

Rapper and Teacher, John-Patrick shows love motivating the youth with values on self-love, hop, and determination. This has been the primary message from the start of his musical career. A great artist with wisdom and raw talent shows great visuals in the new released track, "Yung n Dumb" John-Patrick (Formally Known As JohnyyP.) Visual

Earlier before the release, this was the previous article on the announcement below:

It's a true honor to say that John-Patrick is a wordsmith with his lyrics with intricate information about his surroundings, Alief, and the neighboring cities that recognize his gift.


What to Wear from the Limitless Lovve Store?

The Official Adolessons Experience T-Shirt is a simple but powerful design coated in 3M Reflective Printing (Glows in the Flash) In either black or white, these Limited Edition Tees have an oversized boxy feel. 7.5 oz cotton -Which means order a size just a little bigger than your true size.

The First 30 Orders will also receive a FREE “Adolessons” face mask made of soft facial friendly fabric.

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What's inside this podcast?

A full episode on "The Backstory of John-Patrick's "Adolessons" & Merch Updates" featuring Nigerian-Houston bred artist, John-Patrick. Listen to the podcast episode below on Spotify or on your favorite podcast station to learn more.

Before you leave this article, fill out the Adolessons form for more surprises from their store.


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