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3 Steps on how to Generate Leads using Facebook Ads Manager & Pinterest

3 Steps on how to Generate Leads using Facebook Ads Manager & Pinterest building a strong profitable list from awareness to conversion. Digital Marketing is a huge word that has various connotations but we will break some of them down.

Types of Lead Generation:

- Facebook Ads (Pixel & Tagging): Here is where you re-target and product place your products or services for the interest of your audience in hopes to recognize, value, and be valued, through the customer's buying experience.

- Instagram Ads: Here is a quick yet safe way to niche your market for the seasonal product displayed.

- E-Mail Marketing: This is the most important part of your service because this mode of communication begins to build interest, style, and awareness to the story that is conveyed in various media formats.

- SMS Marketing: This is a hands-on, translative tool that is utilized for quick updates and click-through redirects i.e. website clicks.

- Pinterest Boards: Here is where the new and returning audience feeds into your vision when you display relative products and insights. The more you give out valuable information, the faster the audience will stay loyal with trust components

- YouTube & SEO: Very tricky but strategic when you have the right keywords and content in context. I'll explain more in the next article.

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Step #1: Find your Avatar

Attract, Inspire, Build, Nurture, and Convert

Just like you love to shop, your target market has an interesting service

Step #2: Define your Message

Target, Audience, Messaging, Creative

What's the problem, symptom, fear, cause, and offer? These are key metrics to value your audience's response based on the feedback they give you. Your message could be altered through audio, video, or text with a definitive message.

Step #3: Test and Repeat

Target, Audience, Messaging, Creative

It's never going to be right the first time so you have to keep trying and most importantly, learn from your research methods and niche in.


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